The Peruvian Canadian Cultural Association, ACULPECA, was founded in March 31 of 1993 as a non-profit organization under the Corporate Registry act of the Province of Alberta, Canada. ACULPECA became as a result of initial friendly conversations at various friends and family gatherings during the summer of 1992.

It was discovered back in 1990 that a few intents had previously been made of creating an organization for the Peruvian people resident in Edmonton and surrounding area. Amongst the various attempted groups were “El Tumi de Oro”, and other sport related and fundraising groups. These groups were useful during their moments but were not able to be sustained or progress for unknown reasons.

However, the desire to group Peruvians into an organized association continued amongst friends, and in search of an association that would help them be identified and recognized within the society. This same group of friends, piloted initially by Mr. Adolfo Velasco, decided to carry out a series of meetings with the view to come up with the goals and objectives of such an association, with the expectation to register the association under the Alberta laws as well as been recognized by the Peruvian Consulate in Vancouver.

An opportunity arose during the visit to Edmonton of Mr. Betancourt, then General Consul of Peru in Vancouver. Discussion about grouping Peruvian within a recognized organization was hence moved forward. Consequently, through a series of meetings, a set of by-laws were drafted up and reviewed numerous times during the winter of 1992. Finally a Transition Commission was elected, one that would finalize the by-laws, put it forward for comments and further input, and finally register the association before the Corporate Registry offices in Edmonton.

At last, word came from Alberta Corporate Registry that the name of Peruvian Canadian Cultural Association, ACULPECA had been received within the Alberta laws, a name search processed, and the name accepted and registered as of January 29, 1993. Duly registration of the Association proceeded afterwards with final corporate title issued on March 31, 1993.

The association has now over 200 members, all from different nationalities, age, and creed. Membership has been increasing steadily and is expected to continue with this trend as it offers numerous services to the community while engaging the members at various volunteer activities throughout the city. Members enjoy of the activities set out per the society by-laws, servicing the community while sharing the Peruvian heritage and values which provides a sense of identity and unity within the community.

Some of the major events and services provided by the association were:

  • In 1994, ACULPECA begins its service to the community through ethnic shows at Senior lodges, hospitals, re-habilitation centres, and other non-profit organizations. This activity continues in an average of monthly basis throughout the city
  • In 2000, ACULPECA became a member of the Edmonton Folk Arts, and has since participated at the major events as organized by EFAC at the Shaw Conference, Winspear centre, Jubilee Auditorium, and other well renowned venues
  • In 2007, ACULPECA provides support to the relief program during Peru’s earthquake in Pisco. 2 containers with clothing, bedding, tents, medical equipment, tents, non-perishable food, and bicycles were sent and distributed in the affected areas. This activity had been a coordinated effort with the Rotary Club of Sherwood Park, Alberta
  • In 2008, ACULPECA participates at the Children’s literary folk festival at Saskatchewan, as part of the EFAC group 
  • In 2008, ACULPECA begins its service at elementary schools, in support to the Grade 3 social studies about Peru
  • In 2009, ACULPECA participates at the Festival of Trees at the Shaw conference, and continue to provide volunteer support ever since
  • In 2009, ACULPECA provides support to the disaster relief program of the Earthquake occurred in Haiti
  • In 2010, ACULPECA takes its dance troupe to Disneyworld, and receives the Mickey award of Excellence
  • In 2012, ACULPECA provides support to the multicultural heritage festival at Saskatoon

Over 80000 volunteer hours have been provided to the community throughout the life of the association. Volunteers offer free for the public ethnic shows, dance lessons, language lessons, and other activities at senior lodges, hospitals, rehab centers, schools, and other non-profit organizations