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President’s report

Peruvian Canadian Cultural Association, ACULPECA
President’s report
Period: 2013/2014
Date: June 28, 2014

Dear members:

Aculpeca continues being a vibrant organization at the service of the public. Our members have diligently been displaying the roots and richness of our culture at various events throughout the city. We continue providing our service to the education system through sharing information at 3rd  grade elementary students who study Peru within their social curricula. As always, our dance troupe takes the Peruvian music and dances to senior lodges, hospitals, and re-hab centres, bringing joyful and cheering moments to people dwelling at those facilities.

As we continue our growth within the Edmonton and surrounding areas, I believe it’s important to maintain our sense of unity, identity, and belonging, 3 important basic aspects of our social live that help us develop as good citizens of this country. These very aspects of our live help our children remain strong during tedious and difficult situations that they have to face with during their upbringing. Who we are, what we are, where we come from, and what we offer, comes from our deep roots within our own culture before we intermingle with others. And if those roots are not deep enough, we may not respond positively and be drawn into unacceptable social events resulting on damaging our social relationship and face difficulties in our career path or upbringing. This is one of the main reasons why I believe this your association is able to provide the vehicle to enhance your social roots. Showing our
roots by example help strengthen our own values since we have a sense of belonging, in unity, as we identify ourselves as being another culture within the multicultural mosaic we live in. And in turn we provide a rewarding opportunity to the society at large, to share those values, and learn of the Peruvian customs and most importantly of our food, music, and camaraderie.

For the sake of our children, I invite you wholeheartedly to become involved in the various volunteer and social activities of the association so our children are able to absorb those same roots that we did absorb from our parents back in Peru, and at the same time share those values for the richness of our society here in Edmonton.

As we all know, lately we have lost a great number of our members who have gone up to better lives, and we need to recognize here how they shared their strength and values delivering us cheerful moments. With sincerity, I’d like to thank the families of don Ricardo, don Fidel, don Jose, doña Rotha,  doña Paulina (I hope I am not forgetting others) for their dedication to this association. We have learned many good things from them, have learned to treasure happy moments, and they will remain in our hearts forever.

I’d like to offer this opportunity to let you know that we’ll be proposing to launch an indoor soccer team named “team Jose” in honor to our popular Santa Claus, we’ll start with an adult team and see how it goes. 

Also, please know that we are making some arrangements to display our culture into other venues outside of our surroundings.

May God bless you all.  Jesus